AuthPass released for Windows Desktop: AuthPass 1.7.0

July 19, 2020

After the last AuthPass release added support for Linux Desktop we are now also adding support for Windows! 🎉️

AuthPass 1.7.0 also includes UI improvements for group filter, fixes for linux and more.

AuthPass 1.7.0 Changes

  • Windows: Initial Windows Support 🎉️
  • Improved group filter by showing recursive filter and trash.
  • Password Entry: Only show “generate password” button if value is blank. #108
  • Entry: Fix: Adding a custom field discards previous changes. #106
  • WebDAV: Connect UI: Make dialog scrollable. #103
  • WebDAV: Fixed Compatibility with servers returning trailing slashes for directories.
  • WebDAV: Support for digest authentication (next to basic auth). #112
  • Android: allow disabling of screenshots #100
  • Linux: support for keyring storage (for Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDav, One Drive)


AuthPass running in Windows

AuthPass running in Windows

Windows Download

Download Windows Setup: AuthPass-setup-1.7.2_1333.exe


AuthPass for Windows is still a bit experimental. If you try it out, please provide feedback. If you find bugs, file a new bug report.

Make sure to create backups for your password database!

Otherwise drop as a line on Twitter or Facebook to let us know that everything is working. 🤣️

Improved Group Filter

We still keep working on the group/folder usability. Check out an improved UI for filtering by groups with improved recycling bin support.

Improved password group filter

Improved password group filter

Let us know what you think!

If you try out AuthPass for Windows, let us know what you think!

Drop as a line on Twitter or Facebook to let us know that everything is working 🤣️, maybe also which Linux version/distribution.