Improving AuthPass with your feedback 🧐 - AuthPass Survey Results (Part 1)

October 13, 2020

After collecting your opinions throughout September we now have a good sample of AuthPass Users. Thanks for everyone who invested their time to provide their feedback!

Here you can find a few key statistics.


First of all thanks to all respondents! Most of you who left their email address and added some comments, I’ve tried to answer immediately, but be sure all your responses were valuable :-)

On average, you took 11 minutes out of your busy day to respond, so thanks :-)

Satisfied, but still room to improve

The first survey included a question whether you would recommend AuthPass to a friend or a colleague. Since some chose a bad score because they didn’t trust their friends or colleagues to care about secure passwords 😅️ this time was just about YOUR satisfaction.

User satisfaction with AuthPass

User satisfaction with AuthPass

Lets break this down by Operating System. (Note that this is the operating system used to respond to the survey, not necessarily the OS used with AuthPass).

User satisfaction by Operating System

User satisfaction by Operating System

Seems like we are still having room to improve 😅️ Although Android users look to be a bit more satisfied than iOS and macOS users.

Who is using AuthPass?

Most users answering the survey seem to be Android users. This is a bit contrary to user analytics which shows many more iOS users than Android users. The main reason probably being, that many Android Users are actually from F-Droid which does not include Google Analytics. Hence, those users are invisible to measuring user interactions using analytics.

Platforms people used in the last month

Platforms people used in the last month


I’m still not sure what those 2% of Other are using? If you have any idea, let me know in the forum 😅️

Android Autofill discoverability

Looks like we have to make autofill on android more discoverable. Most users who are not using autofill on android simply did not know it was supported.

Seems like we have to improve Autofill discoverability

Seems like we have to improve Autofill discoverability

KeePass compatibility

What is obvious when looking at the respondents, is that it is very important for AuthPass to remain fully compatible with third party KeePass apps. Even though AuthPass is available on all platforms, people still like to have the choice for their favorite KeePass app on each platform.

There are also a VERY wide variety of apps people are using.

This is certainly something which AuthPass has to take in account when developing new features.

Most common other KeePass apps

Most common other KeePass apps

There is certainly a vide variety in apps which are currently in use, and which play nicely with AuthPass.

Different Languages and Countries

Another field of diversity are spoken languages of our users. Even though most people still prefer english as the main UI language, only 33% have english as their native tongue.

Variety of spoken languages

Variety of spoken languages

This will definitely be an area of focus in the near future.

Help us translate AuthPass

AuthPass is still not fully translatable, so if you are a developer and want to get started with some easy tasks, this would be a good way to get into contributing ;-)

Otherwise if you speak another language check out our crowdin translation tool. If your language is not yet listed, just get in touch!

More to come!

This is just the first part, I still need more time to analyse the data and slice and dice to make sense of everything!

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