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Time based One Time Tokens for 2nd Factor (otpauth)

4 February 2020

Store your Time-based One Time Tokens (TOTP) used for second factor authentication directly in AuthPass.

Works similar to Google Authenticator, but your secret is stored in your kdbx password keystore sharable across your devices.

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Android Password Autofill, WebDav (OwnCloud, NextCloud)

8 October 2019

Synchronize your files using WebDAV to your OwnCloud, NextCloud or similar self hosted cloud storages. On android use autofill service to automatically fill in usernames and passwords into third party apps!

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Multiple Keepass files at once, AuthPass 1.1.0

30 September 2019

Starting with AuthPass 1.1.0 it is now easily possible to open multiple password files at once and label them with unique colors.

Additionally AuthPass is now also available through F-Droid!

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Quick Unlock with Fingerprint

12 September 2019

We have just released version 1.0.2 of AuthPass Password manager.

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AuthPass - Password Manager: Initial release 1.0!

5 September 2019

This is the initial release for mobile and desktop of AuthPass. Now available for download.

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